Symmetry Partners

As the Adviser to the Panoramic Funds, Symmetry Partners brings 25 years of experience and commitment to helping investors achieve their most important goals. We do this by drawing on extensive academic research (and our own) to engineer what we believe are the most innovative investment solutions possible.

Our guiding philosophy:

The needs of individual investors should always come first. This begins with sitting down with your financial advisor to understand your long-term personal and financial goals, as well as your comfort with risk. Then, your advisor builds a portfolio designed to give you the highest probability of achieving these goals.  We believe the Panoramic Funds are one of the best ways to do this.

Others talk about diversification. We do it the right way.

It's all about following the evidence and applying it efficiently and consistently.

Anyone can cherry-pick an assortment of stocks and mutual funds from different asset classes and create a diverse portfolio. But will it actually do what it is supposed to?  Will it be cost effective?  Will the money managers do what they are supposed to and work together effectively? Will your portfolio match your comfort level with risk? Will it work?

At Symmetry, we use decades of data-driven research to determine what we believe to be optimal investment combinations, using a range of investments and managers that have historically shown the potential to deliver greater returns over time.

We're all about transparency.

We don’t believe in “black boxes” or “secret sauce.” Our approach to investing is guided by fundamental principles applied thoughtfully and with intellectual rigor.

  • We look at the evidence. There are decades of research available related to market performance and various factors that offer the potential for greater returns. We lean heavily on this data -- and not trendy tips or flavor-of-the-month investment methods. And we look at the evidence constantly to make sure we are building the best possible portfolios for investors.
  • We believe in transparency and independence. Symmetry portfolios feature full fee transparency, so you will always know exactly how much you are paying. Our investment-provider relationships are free of revenue-sharing arrangements, so that we can make decisions about products and managers based only on their merits.
  • We are relentless about costs and efficiency. In addition to seeking to optimize diversification and other performance factors, we carefully manage the impact of fees, costs and taxes.
  • We are always vigilant. We conduct on-going monitoring to ensure our funds, managers and portfolios continue to meet our strict guidelines.