Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy starts with a fundamental premise: the investor comes first.

That’s why we believe objectivity is so important.  It allows us to think--and act—clearly and transparently on behalf of investors. Everything we do is designed to put evidence, research, analysis and on the side of investors (and their financial advisors.)

With a foundation of more than 60 years of academic research into the dynamics of financial markets and investor behavior, our strategy is based on:

  • Broad Market Diversification - This allows us to eliminate unnecessary risks and capture the power of markets around the globe.  
  • Academically-Derived Factors of Return – We believe we can improve the performance of a fund or portfolio by emphasizing the factors (such as size, momentum, profitability) identified by research as having greater potential over time for higher returns. We strive to be a market leader in factor-based investing by translating academic research into sophisticated solutions.
  • Efficient Implementation - We combine multiple investment providers and solutions to access the diversification and factors we are seeking, while carefully managing costs and taxes.